Pediatric Asthma

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Pediatric Asthma

Pediatric Asthma | Lawrence Lyford MD - Wichita Falls, TX

Parents in the Wichita Falls, TX area know they can trust Lawrence Lyford MD for pediatric asthma concerns. Children regularly come into my office feeling scared, intimidated, and frustrated. After meeting with me, they leave with a genuine feeling of relief. I know how to effectively put children at ease and get to the bottom of what is truly causing their asthma attacks.

Expect to have an initial consultation that lasts about an hour. This will entail a fact-gathering interview that includes the child's medical history, age, lifestyle, and other factors that I consider important in any medical case. The information will be used to develop a customized pediatric asthma treatment program that either curbs or entirely eliminates the symptoms.

Pediatric asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorders that causes all the airways to swell up. This hinders breathing and makes performing everyday activities difficult. Asthma can be caused by a number of factors including airborne pollen, dust, mites, animal dander, food, and others I can better explain during an in-person visit. Children are particularly susceptible due to the airways being so small.

Pediatric asthma cannot be cured, but an effective pediatric asthma treatment program will make life easier and more productive. This is where my expertise comes in handy!

Discuss your Wichita Falls, TX area pediatric asthma concerns with me at Lawrence Lyford MD. Do it sooner than later!