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Lawrence Lyford MD takes great pride in offering excellent pediatric services at reasonable rates for residents in the Wichita Falls, TX area. Patients...

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Lawrence Lyford MD is the most highly regarded place to go in the Wichita Falls, TX area for professional ADHD services. Parents and...

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Parents in the Wichita Falls, TX area know they can trust Lawrence Lyford MD for pediatric asthma concerns. Children regularly come into my office...

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Here at the professional services firm of Lawrence Lyford MD, I offer a number of pediatric specialties. This includes pediatric asthma, ADHD, and generalized pediatric services. Just ask me for more information about how I can help you!

With over 36 years of experience in the pediatrics field, my practice fits in perfectly with the needs of the Wichita Falls, TX area community. ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is becoming more prevalent with each day. I handle all cases with ease, comfort, and friendliness. I have a reputation for being the best ADHD behavioral pediatrics expert available in the area.

Parents turn to my expertise for competent pediatric ADHD diagnosis and pediatric ADHD treatment concerns. I have an arsenal of solutions available at reasonable rates. Every child has a unique physiology that requires specialized handling. I continually hear how parents are amazed about how comfortable children are with me.

Childhood is meant to be spent in a healthy, productive manner. I love doing what it takes to help children live life as it is intended. There is nothing more disarming than seeing children spend their lives indoors due to allergies, asthma, or other conditions.

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